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Sep 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
's pleading for two more years in which to cut the greek deficit. european leaders say it will really depend on whether greece quickens the pace of reform. we will know more within a matter of weeks when the greek international lenders publish their support, their assessment on how greece is doing. if it is a largely positive assessment, maybe he might get a little breathing room. maybe he might persuade angela merkel of germany and france want hollande -- francois hollande of france to give him some breathing room. greece could face immense political instability to add to its financial woes. >> thank you very much. austerity strikes under way in greece. the streets of the spanish capital madrid are calm after a night of violent protests. riot police fired rubber bullets at demonstrators who tried to march on the parliament building, angry at their governments' efforts in spending cuts. now this report from madrid. >> many in the crowd were young. this protest was organized by social media. -- via social media. it was more expensive than other recent demonstrations -- more tense. thousands g
Sep 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
to help spain again. what is the spanish government trying to do? it has to reduce its budget deficits. it needs to make savings this year of 62 billion euros and 40 billion euros in 2013. but fear is that a deteriorating recession makes hitting those targets ever harder. >> you need the revenue to pay your debts. but then, of course consumption goes down so you don't have money to pay your debts. there is no growth. spain is in recession. next year it will stay in a recession. so, yes, it is a vicious circle. really impossible to solve this conundrum. >> all the pressure from the eurozone partners, there is anger by those -- from those affected by cuts. health workers demonstrate every day near the country's biggest hospitals. government projects will again be slashed to day as people here struggle and a deepening recession. >> the demonstrations are daily here and there are likely to increase in size and number. but what we are seeing from these reforms -- slashing public spending -- is really spain doing its part of the bargain and head of a possible second bailout. the government s
Sep 28, 2012 7:00am EDT
them to be able to reduce the deficit level down to 3% of g.d.p. from 4.5% which is where it is at the moment. the feeling at the moment is it probably won't. let's shift attention over to spain where we had the budget yesterday. generally speaking people were very favorable about the budget, but -- us asterity measures were those ones this would be conditions for a bailout. so a bailout was coming along and so therefore that's what happening. however, the next thing in line, probably after the market's closed, got to be the stress test on the banks. nobody really knows how deeply in debt banks are. how much bad debt they've got out there. could be anything, 150 billion euros there talking about an enormous. >> talking to banks, i'm thinking of the trouble that banks are getting themselves into over this liable scandal. >> yes. will, libel, of course the race at which the banks lend to each other, and it was established by the british banks and them saying this is what we're lending out. they roughly average it together, come out with the libel rates. they're now changing
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3